Android Application Development

Android, originally developed by Android Inc. and later bought by Google, released the T-Mobile G1 in that latter part of 2008. The Android Market hosts over 200,000 applications with over 2.5 billion downloads since its inception in 2008.

Android’s operating system is based on the Java and C programming languages. Similar to our procedures for iPhone Application Development, WorldLink utilizes best-in-class agile methods, specifically Scrum and XP, to deliver premium products to our customers.

We offer complete flexibility to our clients when it comes to Android application development and multi-platform development. Due to the different coding languages required, each platform is typically treated as a different project. We can start on each platform simultaneously or space them out over a period of time. Our methods are flexible as to better serve our clients differing budgets and scheduling needs.

Some of our recent Android apps:

For customers seeking multiple platforms, the application's branding will remain consistent across all platforms. When you are ready for additional platforms, we will reuse the architecture and design of your existing app to make a large-scale rollout to other platforms more affordable for you.

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